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Tax & Licensing

Occupational Tax Certificate (Business License) and Payment Information

Occupational Tax Certificate renewals are typically mailed in November and are due on or before February 1st. Penalties are applied begining April 15th and accrue on a monthly basis until renewed. If you have any questions on this, please feel free to contact Chris Mortimer at

Ad Valorem/Property Tax and Payment Information

The Ad Valorem/Property Tax notices are typically mailed in November and payment is due within 60 days of the postmarked date on the bill. Our current millage rate ordinance can be found below. The actual Millage rate for Ad Valorem Taxes is set by the Mayor & Council when they do the Budget for the next year. The Millage Rate for 2020 is 5.014 mills. Property tax values and assessments are determined by the Fannin County Tax Assessors office and then passed on to the City of Blue Ridge each year for billing purposes. If you need to discuss property assessment or update your mailing address, please contact Fannin County at 706-632-5954.

Millage Rate Ordinance 2021 

  • Pay Online
  • Payments can be made by phone with the following number: 855-748-1348. Payments made by phone will be credited next business day.

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