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Agendas and Minutes

October 19 2021 Agenda

Past Agendas and Minutes
Date Meeting Agenda Minutes Supporting Documen
 December 7,2021  Special Called Meeting Agenda  

 Determination Memo 20336 - 4600-GA - Blue Ridge City of Final Signed

Resolution for Acquisition of mechanical shop 

 August 24 2021  Workshop Agenda  
 August 17,2021  Council Meeting  Agenda    
 July 29,2021  Town Hall Meeting  Agenda    Alcohol Ordinance and Police Powers Ordinance that includes Noise, is listed here under the bussiness tab.
 July 13,2021  Council Meeting July 13 2021 Council Meeting Agenda  Minutes Summary

 Assets/Files/MeetingTimesOrdinanceMay2020 BR2021-10.docx/Assets/Files/Final2021 Election Ordinance Amended BR2021-02-A.pdf/Assets/Files/Ordinance Sexually Oriented Businesses BR2021-11.docx/Assets/Files/Resolution on Officials.docx/Assets/Files/Veto letter of Ordinance BR2021-06.docx/Assets/Files/Appalachian Fence invoice.pdf/Assets/Files/Veto of Ordinance BR2021-05 June 15.pdf/Assets/Files/Veto reasons.pdf/Assets/Files/Depot street.pdf/Assets/Files/GMA Lease.pdf/Assets/Files/Playground Shade Invoice.pdf/Assets/Files/Sidewalk at Angela Delorme.pdf/Assets/Files/Water stock Invoice.pdf

/Assets/Files/Task Release 33 Carter Sloope.pdf /Assets/Files/Task Release 34 Carter Sloope2.pdf

 June 15,2021  Special Called Meeting Agenda  

 1A Special Land Use for 222 Ada Street 1AA June 1 2021 Planning Commission meeting MINUTES2A MeetingTimesOrdinanceMay2020 BR2021-105A Veto of Ordinance BR2021-05 June 87A  05-10-21 Updated Blue Ridge Engagement Letter8A Ordinance Sexually Oriented Businesses BR2021-11

10A Cooperation Agreement- Housing Authority 11A CHANGES TO ZONING ORDINANCE BR2021-0612A  parking


 June 8,2021  Council Meeting Notice of Cancellation    CHANGES TO ZONING ORDINANCE BR2021-06Cooperation Agreement- Housing AuthorityDRAFT Personnel Policies (5-2018) June 8 2021MeetingTimesOrdinanceMay2020 BR2021-10Ordinance Sexually Oriented Businesses BR2021-11Special Land Use for 222 Ada Street June 8Veto of Ordinance BR2021-05 June 8June 1 2021 Planning Commission meeting MINUTES
May 21,2021   Special Called Council Meeting  Agenda    
May 21,2021  Special Called Council Meeting  Agenda   Meter order May 21 2021
May 18,2021  Special Called Council Meeting   Agenda    Oliver Electric PO 28976 and InvoicesQuote for Heavy equipment purchase for Street Dept. 2Task Release No. 31Bullen Gap Project May 18 2021Middle School Warning lights May 18 2021Mountain Street change order May 18 2021Quote for Heavy equipment purchase for Street DeptRACEWAY INVOICES
May,11,2021  Council Meeting  Agenda  MINUTES SUMMARY MeetingTimesOrdinanceMay2020 BR2021-10Ordinance Sexually Oriented Businesses Rezone Haight PropertyStaff Analysis Haight Property of Blue RidgeVariance Haight Property
April 30,2021  Special Called Council Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  
 April 28,2021  Special Called Council Meeting  Rescheduled    
 April 22,2021  Special Called Council Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  
April 13,2021  Council Meeting   Agenda  Minutes

 Copy of minutes from Mike Panter

 Ordinance Short Term Rental ChangesMarch12021

 Parking Agreement with Executive Parking Systems October 4 2019

 Ordinance Animal Control

Meeting minutes from Mike Panter 

Carter  Sloope 

Carter  Sloope General Consulting invoice 25173 

Proposal for  Fannin County to issue building permits and conduct inspections for the City of Blue Ridge.docx

 April 13,2021  Town Hall Meeting   Letter Minutes  
 March 26,2021  Emergency Meeting zoom  Due to the flooding Minutes


 March 30,2021  Town Hall Meeting  Letter  Minutes  
 March 9,2021  Council Meeting Agenda Minutes  
 March 1,2021  DDA Meeting /Special Called Council Meeting  Agenda Minutes
February 9, 2021  Council Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  
 January 20, 2021  Special Called Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  
 January 12, 2021  Council Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  
December 28,2020  Special Called Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  
December 16, 2020  Special Called Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  
December 8, 2020   Council Meeting Agenda  Minutes
November 30, 2020   Special Called Meeting  Agenda  Minutes  
November 24, 2020   Council Meeting Notice of Cancellation  
November 12, 2020  Special Called Meeting  Notice of Cancellation
November 6, 2020  Special Called Meeting   Notice of Cancellation
November 4, 2020   Special Called Meeting  Notice of Cancellation    
October 29, 2020   Special Called Meeting Notice of Cancellation    
October 20, 2020   Special Called Meeting  Agenda Minutes  
October 13, 2020 Council Meeting Notice of Meeting Cancellation    
October 6, 2020  Workshop Meeting  Agenda   Minutes  
September 8, 2020 Council Meeting Agenda  Minutes Amended Agenda
September 1, 2020 Workshop Meeting Agenda  Minutes Packet
August 11, 2020 Council Meeting Agenda Minutes  
July 14, 2020 Council Meeting Cancellation    
July 7, 2020 Workshop Meeting Agenda  Minutes  
June 9, 2020 Council Meeting Agenda Minutes Amended Agenda
Bradley Street Quote
Harris Invoice
GEFA Resolution
Johnson Paving Quote 1 Quote 2 
June 1, 2020 Townhall Meeting Agenda    
May 19, 2020 Special Called Meeting Agenda Minutes Amended Agenda
Termination of Contract on Church Property
4th Street Abandonment Resolution Application 
City Logo 
Noise Ordinance Complaint 
Keck & Wood Invoice No 1337628
Carter & Sloope Invoice No 24224 and 24225
Depot Street Widening 
Bradley Street
Industrial Street 
Stop Bars on West Main 
May 12, 2020 Council Meeting Cancelled due to lack of Quorum     
April 14,2020  Council Meeting   Cancelled due to Covid    
March 25, 2020 Special Called Council Meeting Agenda Minutes Summary Minutes
March 10, 2020 Council Meeting Agenda Minutes 200 West First Street Planning Commission Recommendation and Land Use Map Amendment Resolution
Resolution Requesting DOR Sales Tax Information
Storm Water Ordinance
Watershead Protection Plan 
Encroachment Agreement 
Purchase/Sale Agreement 
Aqua Aerobic Systems Proposal 
Keck & Wood Invoice 
Bradley Street Waterline Replacement 
Johnson Paving Moutain Tops Invoice 
February 21, 2020 Special Called Council Meeting Agenda Minutes  
February 11, 2020 Council Meeting Agenda  Minutes DOT MOU Phase 2 and Phase 3
Credit Card Resolution 
4-V Ranch Contract 
Parking Agreement Addendum 
Johnson Paving Invoice No. 2720
Carter & Sloope Invoice No. 24060 and 24059
Lance Invoices 
Farmer's Market Quote
North Georgia Grading Proposal 
Deck and Wall
February 5, 2020 Townhall Meeting, 9:00AM Agenda Minutes  
February 5, 2020 Townhall Meeting, 5:00PM Agenda Minutes  
January 14, 2020 Council Meeting Agenda Minutes Amended Agenda
Green Rocks, LLC Rezoning: PC Recommendation and Rezoning Land Use Map Amendment
GEFA Loan No DW2016036 Modification Resolution 
GEFA Loan No DW2017017 Modification Resolution 
Carter & Sloope Task Release No 22
Reve Solutions Agreement 
Retaining Walls Plain Stamped
Holloway Trenching Estimate
Yancey Estimate
Oliver Electric PO