480 West First Street
Blue Ridge, GA 30513
Phone: (706) 632-2091
Fax: (706) 632-3278

Population: 1,290
Senate District: 17
House District: 99
Congressional District: 9
Classification: Second Class City
18 Volunteer Fire Fighters
City Fire Rating: Class 7

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  • City of Blue Ridge, GA
  • City of Blue Ridge, GA
  • City of Blue Ridge, GA
  • City of Blue Ridge, GA
  • City of Blue Ridge, GA
  • City of Blue Ridge, GA
  • City of Blue Ridge, GA
  • City of Blue Ridge, GA
  • City of Blue Ridge, GA
  • City of Blue Ridge, GA
  • City of Blue Ridge, GA



help stop Water Theft

The City of Blue Ridge Water and our paying customers are victims of thousands of gallons of water annually stolen from fire hydrants and unmetered connections.

The City of Blue Ridge has invested millions of dollars to ensure our customers are provided safe, clean and reliable drinking water. The integrity of the water system is compromised when water is illegally taken from fire hydrants and other unprotected connections. Illegal and careless connections carry the risk of contaminating our water supply and can lower pressure required for fire protection. Opening or closing a fire hydrant too quickly can cause nearby water mains to rupture, causing our customers to be without water. Since the Water department is non-profit, money spent to treat all of the stolen water comes from our paying customers. That’s why in addition to putting locks on fire hydrants and having the police department watching for theft, we want to reach out to the public to report any suspicious water connection.   

How to spot theft? Water is most often stolen from fire hydrants without using a metered connection. A permit is required to take water from a fire hydrant and backflow equipment must be used to ensure the water supply is not contaminated. If you see someone taking water from a fire hydrant other than the Fire Department or City of Blue Ridge, the best thing to do is report it to City Hall and then we can see if they have a permit. Water is also frequently stolen to fill swimming pools, water landscaping, and at new construction sites.

Help us stop water theft. If you suspect water is being stolen, please call 706-632-2091 during regular business hours or 706-455-0768 after 5pm and on weekends/holidays to report this illegal activity. City personnel will investigate to see if it is a legal connection or if it is theft.

Fines for Theft: Water theft may result in a misdemeanor, which is punishable by fines of up to $2,000.

Contractors that need water should either obtain a permit at City Hall or purchase water from our metered connection at the City Maintenance Shop @ 134 East Main St. 


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About Blue Ridge, Georgia

Incorporated in 1886 and located in the northeast corner of Georgia, the City of Blue Ridge is the county seat of Fannin County. The City consists of 2.2 square miles and has a population of 1,290, according to the 2010 census. Named for the southern reach of the Appalachian Mountain Range that stretches into the area, the City of Blue Ridge boasts beautiful mountain views. With key water features, such as Lake Blue Ridge and the Toccoa River, Blue Ridge is the Trout Fishing Capital of Georgia. As well as being surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains and near the southern tip of the Appalachian Trail, the area draws tourists and outdoorsmen from all over. 

The downtown area boasts quaint shops and eclectic restaurants along with festivals and plenty of activities for residents and tourists all in a small town setting. Tracks for the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway bisect the downtown area, with the Scenic Railway itself operating out of the town's historic 100 year old Depot. The downtown area also serves as host for multiple festivals and the City is home to one of the few drive-ins in North Georgia, the Swan Drive-In Theatre.

The City of Blue Ridge operates under the direction of the City Council, which consists of the Mayor and five Council Members, all elected at large. The Council represents the interests of the citizens by adopting public policies and determining the scope of services and tax levels. The Council also approves ordinances, new projects and programs, and adopts the annual budget.

The Water and Sewer Department services approximately 2,500 customers and the Street Department maintains approximately 33 miles of City streets.

As of January 2017, water rates increased by $1.00 per 1000 gallons of usage.

This increase is needed for maintenance and replacement of the aging infrastructure in the water system.

This increase will be reflected on the bills due February 15, 2017. Here are some examples:

  1. If your usage is 500 gallons then you would see a $.50 increase on your bill.
  2. If your usage is 3000 gallons then you would see a $3.00 increase on your bill.
  3. If your usage is 5000 gallons you would see a $5.00 increase on your bill.

Please be advised there is a 2.9% convenience fee for credit card payments greater than $100.  There is no charge for E-check or credit cards payments less than $100.

Payments made online will be credited next business day
Payments made online will be credited same business day

Payments made online will be credited same business day
To increase the speed and accuracy when you add an account, enter only the first three digits of your service address and then your account number.

Federally issued identification number: 151205 9-11-08.