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City News

Due to the flooding a portion of the road at Bullen Gap is caving in. The portion of this road from mountain tops to 515 is completely shut down. This also washed out the water main at 515 and Bullen Gap. Water is currently out on Bullen Gap and mountain tops. City of Blue Ridge is waiting on Tri State to secure a power pole before we can begin work. The plan is to secure a temporary water main off the side of the road; if this works water may be restored by late this evening(we will make every effort to get this to work). However if we cannot secure the line due to the instability of the bank/road it is possible that water will not be restored until late Sunday or Monday depending on weather. We encourage customers to check our website or Facebook page for periodic updates.

An update for the Bullen Gap/Mountain Tops Project:

If the weather remains decent for the majority of the week the waterline will be completed.  Intermittent water outages are to be expected Tuesday-Friday between the hours of 9am and 6pm as the new line is tied in.  Culverts and Storm drainage should also be completed by the end of the week.  The road will remain closed as we wait on the guardrail and paving, as of now the guardrail has not arrived.  We will update again when the guardrail is here and we can estimate the date of the road being reopened. We would like to ask everyone to please obey the traffic safety devices on site, we have had numerous violations which put you and our workers at risk.  We understand this is inconvenient but the safety of those on the road as well as the workers should be everyone’s first priority.